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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Warning: May Induce Clicktrance 

This site is incredible. There are links to more journalism resources than I could reasonably check out on Karl Tonella's University of Iowa Reference Sources & Tools for Journalists. I picked the "Working Journalist's" page to launch you into because it contains; Almanacs, Maps, Atlases & Geopolitical Resources (16 links), 5 online Dictionaries, 4 Encyclopedias and 8 entries under Converters, Calculators and Fact Finders.

The last section is a treasure trove all its own with currency and time zone converters and help with that all-too-common (in my writing anyway) statistical faux-pas percent change. "The Percent Change Calculator allows you to plug in two different numbers to find the percent of change."

Make sure to scroll all the way down find the links to eight different style guides.


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